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EN Rules Hl.ZmBio.Ro

  • The regulations may be subject to occasional modifications, which will be announced here, so please check periodically!
  • Frequent violation of the regulations may result in temporary or even permanent bans!

1. You are not allowed to log in with another player's name. [sanction: kick]

2. Asking for admin privileges on the server is not allowed. [sanction: gag]

3. Obscene words are allowed, but not swearing. [sanction: gag/kick]

4. It is prohibited to team up with other players. [sanction: kick/temporary ban]

5. Advertising is not allowed. [sanction: gag/kick/temporary ban]

6. Any cheating software can result in [temporary/permanent ban.]

7. Obscene words are allowed, but not swearing. [sanction: gag/kick]

For admin requests, demonstrate that you have read the regulations by putting (*) between the request title and your name. Example: Admin Request * eLLectro
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